Chasing Sunsets

By Zarah Rose

One of the most captivating things about being near the ocean are the sunsets. One could say that some of us who choose to live here, are sunset chasers. I am not alone in my constant preoccupation with sunsets and watching the sky in general. I meet others with their cameras, at the usual spots, wildly gawking with phone in hand. One of the easiest places to see the sunset over the ocean is the Cruz Bay dock, made even more magical when the restaurants employ live reggae bands. You can't ask for a better soundtrack in the background. I understand why people save money all year to come to visit our home. Some people are inside most of the year, and the island gives them a reprieve outside in nature.

Even those of us that live here get caught up working too much and when we do it is always a Good Idea to go outside and look up. I guess I would say I am sky obsessed. I don't just chase sunsets, but also rainbows and full moons, even meteor showers. Sunsets however, seem to be the most reliable meditation and universal gift, because no matter the degree of beauty being showcased, They mark the daily passage of day into night.

While some keep an eye on the sky looking for potential hurricanes brewing, others are looking for a less anxiety driven reason. Some of us sunset Addicted folks go to great lengths to catch the perfect shot. The pinnacle of that success is being able to catch a shot of the “green flash”. This occurs in the sky when the last bit of sunset is peaking over the horizon. Just as the sun is almost entirely gone, Bam! a green flash appears. If you blink you can miss it.

Over the years, I have found myself driving as fast as I could -yes, that may be only 10 miles an hour here- to the perfect vista, just make it before I miss the quickly changing Flare of colors. The sky becomes better than a movie; with lilacs and lavenders, fiery reds and hot pinks or orange streaks being shifted in the clouds . There are some days where I have been known to leave work and take a 10 minute “sunset break”, to capture a shot to share with the world.

The sky and the ocean are interconnected, and although I have seen beautiful sunsets in other parts of the world, I am a bit bias to those on St. John. It is a constant reminder of why I live here, having survived many storms; the sunset is a daily prayer to be thankful for having lived another day especially here in “Love City”.