Where do i fly to?

You will be flying into Cyril E. King airport in St. Thomas. The airport code is STT. There are several taxi vans outside of baggage claim that will bring you right to the ferry. Airlines are recommending that you arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure. Don’t arrive hungry. The food options are limited and expensive. The lines through customs and security can be long depending on the time of year. St. Thomas is a point of entry into the United States for several foreign destinations and so all travellers are required to go through customs. You do not need a passport to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands but if you plan on visiting the British Virgin Islands while you are here, you must have a valid passport.

Taking the Ferry to St. John

There are two ferry terminals for ferries running between St. Thomas and St. John. The most popular and frequent ferry is at the Red Hook terminal. It is operated by Transportation Services and Varlack Ventures (340) 776-6282 and (340) 776-6412. It runs every hour, between 6:30am and 12pm. The fare is $8.15 per person one way and $4 per bag. The second terminal is at the Crown Bay Marina. It is operated by Inter Island Boat Services (340) 201-6311 or (340) 776-6597. There are only two trips per day and the fare is $20 per person one way and $5 per bag. Both ferries arrive in Cruz Bay, St. John.

Renting a Vehicle

There are several wonderful taxi drivers on St. John that offer regular service and great island tours. We encourage you to use them when you don’t feel like driving or if you’d like a personalized tour of St. John. For your daily transportation needs a taxi can be pricey and so we recommend renting a vehicle for the time you are here. Most of the car rentals are within walking distance from the ferry terminal and those who are not will meet you at the dock. Because of the terrain only vehicles with clearance are available to rent. If you choose to rent on St. Thomas and bring the vehicle over on the barge, we strongly advise only renting an SUV. aLL OF THE RENTAL COMPANIES ON St. John are similar in price and service. If you’d like some guidance on where to start you are welcome to contact us. info@stjohnultimatevillas.com

Driving on St. John

We drive on the left and our steering is on the left. It may take a while to get used to it but the best thing to do is hug the curb. The roads are narrow and there are blind corners. Sometimes large trucks will be partially in your lane when coming around those corners. Residents drive these roads daily and know how to navigate the turns expertly and with some speed. You may find an impatient resident on your tail. Just find a good spot to pull aside and let them pass. Take your time and be aware. It is illegal to drive without a seatbelt and if you are intoxicated and get in an accident, you will be held liable. The most wonderful part of visiting St. John is exploring all of the hidden spots that take your breath away. Don’t be afraid to get your map out and start exploring. Check out our Explore St. John page.